Our Kulture
About SouLove Kulture

Live inspires Live , Soul inspires Soul.
Everyone is a culture , and every single culture comes together become a ''Kulture''
Everyone is a ''Culture''!

Whenever have chance to come with a job , an event , a chance , etc. ,
Use Life to inspire Life !

Dancing needs soul to feel and express
Education takes passion and patience to nurture
Popularize a culture takes courage , experience and careful to implement
LOVE is the greatest power ! You should agree on that ! This is ME . CULTURE and OUR . CULTURE ! ''Its Roots in Our Heart''


  • Chief Teaching Instructor of SouLove Kulture
  • Professional Dancer Artist


Jessica JJ LEUNG

  • Founder of SouLove Kulture
  • Chairman of Streetdance International Education Association of HongKong