Our Kulture

Streetdance International Education Association of Hong Kong

To cultivate Hong Kong's local street dance culture in a positive and healthy way through education and promotion.

By organizing various street dance battles, parties, events, workshops, and much more, our organization aims to create local signature street dance battles and expand their scales to the global level, at the same time, undertake and co-organize other overseas signature competitions, which in turn will attract street dance original group teachers from around the world to teach in Hong Kong, and bring dance battle participants from overseas to share their knowledge with the locals. Gradually, the local dancers in Hong Kong will benefit from these exchanges, as well as genuinely understand and experience street dance culture.

Furthermore, dancing is a healthy activity that benefits our physical and mental well-beings. Through the connection between music and dancing, dancers will always become more bright and positive.

Therefore, by promoting the morale of street dance, our organization hopes to inspire youngsters to achieve a positive attitude towards life.